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Do I have to pre-book day trip, excursion?
Yes, we strongly recommend making a booking online early (at least 1 day ahead).
We've learned so much on this trip to the Karlovy Vary. Thank you for your organization, and the vast knowledge you have shared with us. Our driver Peter was better than a professional tour guide. Linda M., Manchester

Your excursion was exactly what I was looking for. Our driver was excellent and information DVD which we watched on the way to the Kutna Hora made our trip even better. Great value as well. Highly recommended. Tonny S.

It is my pleasure to express my complete satisfaction with the superb trip to the Karlstejn. Short escape form bustling city ... Please send my thanks to Martin, your driver. Izzak
We are proud that our customers are happy with our walking tours.
Hello there, We attended this tour today, and I just wanted to write and say how much myself and my Mother enjoyed it! Our Guide was fantastic and so knowledgeable. Could you tell me her name? I didn't leave a tip with her but wish I had done. Would you be able to pass on my message of thanks. Helen Whitby, UK
Dinner On The River (3hrs, 790 CZK)
If you are visiting Prague to enjoy a romantic weekend, you should not miss this boat cruise.

Excursion - Trips Out of Prague

Why not discover what's beyond the boundaries of the capital city of Prague?


departureRegular organised excursions are held only at certain times and dates. They are shared with others, guided, and inclusive of all fees.

Kutná Hora Tour HALF DAY (5.5 hrs)

Kutná Hora, a medieval centre of silver-mining, was the second richest town of the Bohemian Kingdom. The variety of Kutná Hora architectural monuments and the well preserved town centre reflect its ancient fame and wealth, which has lasted until the present day. 

Price: 990 CZK per person


Kutná Hora Tour
Český Krumlov Tour ALL DAY (10 hrs)

Český Krumlov, a medieval town in Southern Bohemia still has an almost fairy-tale charm today, and is rightly is registered as a UNESCO heritage site. 

Price: 1890 CZK per person


Český Krumlov
Terezín Memorial Tour HALF DAY (4 hrs)

The former military fort of Terezín was built in the 18th century by Emperor Joseph II and will always be connected with the history of World War II. 

Price: 1190 CZK per person


Terezín Memorial Tour
Karlovy Vary Tour ALL DAY (8.5 hrs)

Karlovy Vary is the most famous spa town in the Czech Republic. Its history goes back to the 14th century, the time of Charles IV. Such celebrities as Russian tsar Peter the Great or world-famous poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe praised the healing effects of the town's local mineral springs. 

Price: 1590 CZK per person


Karlovy Vary
Pilsen Brewery Tour ALL DAY (9 hrs)

Beer has been brewed in Pilsen since time immemorial and the first written records of beer brewing here are associated with the very foundation of the town this town. 

Price: 1890 CZK per person


Pilsen and Urquell Brewery
Dresden Tour ALL DAY (11 hrs)

Take a trip with us to the well-known "Zwinger" Art Gallery where you can admire "Sixtin Madonna", the famous picture by Raphael, as well as many notable works by the Old Masters from the 14th to 17th centuries (Rubens, Rembrandt, Poussin etc.). 

Price: 1990 CZK per person


Dresden Excursion
Karlštejn Castle Tour HALF DAY (4 hrs)

Karlštejn is one of the most visited Czech castles. It was built by Emperor Charles IV between 1348-1355. Karlštejn served as a depository of royal, imperial and coronation jewels, and also as an archive of state documents. 

Price: 890 CZK per person


Jindrichuv Hradec
Konopiště Castle Tour HALF DAY (4 hrs)

Konopiště was founded in the 14th century and in 1887 castle was renovated by the successor to the Hapsburg throne, Franz Ferdinand d'Este. In the castle interior you can see not only Ferdinand's large art collections, numerous statues and pictures on the theme of St. George, but you can also admire one of the world's most extensive collections of historic weapons. 

Price: 950 CZK per person


Konopiště Castle

departureFlexible private excursions are provided on demand (any time you wish), just for your group, exclusive of entrance fees and guide.

Kutná Hora Tour HALF DAY (5.5 hrs)

Kutná Hora used to play an important role in the 13th century when silver ore was discovered here, until the 16th century when silver resources were depleted. Among the most important attractions are the Gothic, five-naved St. Barbara's Church, begun in 1388, and the Italian Court, formerly a royal residence and mint, which was built at the end of the 13th century, and the nearby Sedleč Ossuary. Small enough to be seen in a single day, free of the ugly, Communist-era buildings that plague many of the country's small towns, and not very far from Prague - all these factors make it a very popular day trip. 

Price: 2900 CZK per vehicle


Kutná Hora
Český Krumlov Tour from 9 to 11 hrs

This picturesque historical town in southern Bohemia, tinged with romance, has been, not unjustifiably, the second most visited in the Czech Republic. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with over three hundred buildings in the historical centre that enjoy this protected status. Among the best attractions to visit are: the castle, the famous Hall of Masks, the unique Baroque theatre, the chateau garden with a Rococo fountain, Barber's Bridge, Alchemists' Homes, Eggenberg Brewery, Crafts Museum, and the wooden river rafts. 

Price: from 4500 CZK per vehicle


Cesky Krumlov
Karlovy Vary Tour from 7 to 9 hrs

Karlovy Vary is the most famous spa town in the Czech Republic. King Charles IV discovered the thermal springs here in 1358, and since then many personalities, like Beethoven, Chopin, Bach, and Peter the Great, have enjoyed the healing springs. Stroll along the beautiful riverside promenade, admire the city’s architectural gems, taste numerous mineral waters from hot springs which are spread all around the historical centre, and visit thermal spas, pools or wellness centres. The city is also well known for the production of porcelain and glass (the Moser factory), Becherovka (a unique Czech herbal liqueur) and delicious spa waffles. 

Price: from 3600 CZK per vehicle


Karlovy Vary
Terezín Memorial Tour HALF DAY (5 hrs)

The massive citadel of Terezín with more than 4km of walls was originally a military garrison and fortress built in the 18th century by Emperor Joseph II, and used as a defence against Prussian aggression. During WWII, the Nazis used Terezín as a transit camp and prison of the Prague Gestapo. You can recall the sad history of the Jews in the Museum of the Ghetto, where more than 150,000 Jews were sent, and although it was not an extermination camp, at the end of the war there were just 17,247 survivors. 

Price: from 2300 CZK per vehicle


Karlštejn Castle Tour HALF DAY (4 hrs)

Escape to the medieval fortress in the middle of breathtaking countryside, and still make it back in time to enjoy Prague’s nightlife. Karlštejn is rightly one of the top attractions of the Czech Republic, especially due to its proximity to Prague. This charming Gothic castle was founded in 1348, built by the Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV as a place for safekeeping of the royal treasures. 

Price: 1600 CZK per vehicle


Karlštejn Castle
Pilsen Brewery Tour HALF DAY (6 hrs)

Pilsen - Mostly know as a city of commerce, however best as the cradle of Pilsen been. The Prazdroj Brewery was established in 1842 and today you can taste the most popular Czech beer there called Pilsner Urquell which is world famous. Visit the Brewery Museum, Town Hall, Franciscan Monastery and Gothic Church of St Bartholomew. 

Price: from 3200 CZK per vehicle


Konopiště Castle Tour HALF DAY (4 hrs)

Surrounded by peaceful forests, Konopište Castle has a rich and varied architectural history. The original castle was built as a fortress exhibiting the style of French citadels. Later, in the hands of various owners, the residence took on the characteristics of both Baroque and Renaissance styles. The final private owner of the estate was Archduke Franz Ferdinand, who owned the castle until his death at the start of World War I. 

Price: 1700 CZK per vehicle


Křivoklát Castle
Křivoklát Castle Tour HALF DAY (4 hrs)

This extensive Gothic royal castle from the 13th century, originally a hunting castle of the Přemysl dynasty, was rebuilt at the end of the 15th century for Wladislaw Jagiello. Used as a prison in the 16th century, later the castle was burned down in 1643 and finally restored at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The historical interiors include the chapel, the Knights’ Hall, the Royal Hall, the Fürstenberg library, the jail and the Fürstenberg museum (where paintings and books are stored). 

Price: from 1700 CZK per vehicle


Křivoklát Castle

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Free tour offer for every passenger of your group when booking return airport transfer.

How it works.
1) Prices are pre group not per person (or per vehicle capacity)
2) All excursions are private and 100% flexible, that means if you wish to stay longer or go back earlier (we adjust your price on the spot)
3) There isn't licensed tour guide (only on request). Driver provides basic information on the way. At most excursion destinations you are able to arrange tours and guides on the spot or are already included in the entrance ticket (like in Terezin, Karlstejn etc.) more info
How do I pay for excursion?
If you book online you have choice to pay online using your credit or debit card, PayPal or cash to the tour guide (driver).
What is your best recommendation?
One of our most demanding daytrips is excursion to the SPA town of Karlovy Vary. This day trip is much recommended for everyone who wants to see another part of Czech Republic. If you don't have much time then you should choose Karlstejn. You will not regret, we promise.
Can you arrange a professional (licenced) tour guide?
Yes, we can but we think it is not essential and not good value. Better is to get organize tour on the spot, or get all the information from the visitor centre. Also our driver is your "mini" tour guide which has basic knowledge about your destination.
Experienced English speaking chauffeurs.
We use only experienced English speaking drivers.
UK & Czech Based Transfer Company.
Czech registration is PRAGUE AIRPORT TRANSFERS s.r.o.
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